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Wood floor cleaning
Foren Gott

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# 13.10.2016 - 05:40:21

Now many families in the pavement after the completion of the wooden floor, fabrication wood plastic composite panelfor how to "clean the wood floor" has become a surprise thing, that wood flooring is very difficult to clean up, in fact, wood floor cleaning is not so complicated, as long as the section, careful Of the clean wood flooring, very convenient. Here are three tips to clean the wood floor.

First, waxing articles

Wood floor waxing frequency should not be frequent, it should be appropriate for the wood floor waxing. Waxing can play a moisture-proof, anti-damage, increase the surface brightness and easy cleaning and other effects, but if too frequent waxing will cause damage to the wood floor. Frequent waxing wax wax layer will lead to superposition, and the middle of the two layers of wax layer of ash will affect the waxing effect. Now the average family are relatively affordable with the price of laminate flooring, composite floor panels for portugallaminate flooring surface for a layer of aluminum oxide, water and other liquids are not easy to penetrate into the wood floor inside, so if the laminate flooring waxing, wax layer Can not penetrate into the wood floor, can only be attached to the surface of the wood floor, walking will leave footprints, a long time the wood floor surface becomes like a "big face" in general, affecting the wood floor, beautiful and difficult to wipe care. Therefore, strengthen the wood floor should not be waxing.

Air-drying, strengthen the wood floor should not be used for cleaning and maintenance of powder and so on, and should not use abrasive paper polished. You can wring dry wipe, and then care solution maintenance, difficult to wipe the place with a dedicated cleaning agent to remove.

Solid wood flooring in the daily cleaning should be used to wring dry cotton mop can be,simple install tongue groove porch floor board in case of stubborn stains, should be wiped with a neutral cleaning solvent wring dry cotton mop, do not use acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline Organic solvent scrubbing. And do not put strong acidity and strong alkaline substances on wooden floor.

Strengthen the wooden floor cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple, outdoor weather resistant flooringbut can not be taken lightly. Clean the application of non-dripping mop mopping the floor, the appropriate increase in surface moisture, can effectively solve the wood floor cracks and cracks. If greasy, smudge, with a cloth dipped in cleaning agents can be.

Second, to prevent small particles scratch wood floors

Small gravel for a long time to stay wood floor surface, after walking back and forth, traces of sand and gravel wear will appear in the wood floor surface. In addition to sand, dust, hard-soled shoes, metal sharp, glass tiles are wood floor 'skin' nemesis, in order to reduce particle wear wood floors, to keep the ground clean is particularly important. Window ventilation should pay attention to clean wood floor, if found to have dust or sand, should be instantly vacuuming, cleaning.

In addition, the wooden floor of the gravel should not be used with a wet cloth and mop handle, during which the gravel wrapped around the wood floor paint likely to cause wear and tear on the surface scratches; also need to pay attention, do not make wooden floor contact with open flame or directly in the wood Placed on the floor of high-power electric heater, can not be placed directly kettle, stove and other high-temperature objects.

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